Nefertiti lift

Nefertiti lift can help reverse the signs of aging by providing temporary smoothing and definition along your lower face, jaw, and neck.  Nefertiti lift is a temporary way to restore a youthful look without surgery.

The procedure’s name refers to the ancient Egyptian Queen Nefertiti, known for her elongated, thin neck. The Nefertiti lift targets the platysma band of muscles that run vertically from the bottom of the face to your collar bone.

The botulinum toxin like Botox or Dysport etc is injected in specific parts of this muscle to:

  •   lessen lines around the bottom part of the face
  •   erase or reduce folds or sagging of the lower part of the neck
  •   remove lines on the neck
  •   create a more pronounced definition of the jaw

It takes about 15 minutes to do the procedure and it can be performed in the outpatient setting.

Its important to know that the use of botulinum toxin in the platysma is considered off-label. This means it hasn’t been reviewed or approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for this indication.

This procedure doesn’t fix signs of aging permanently. The results of a Nefertiti lift only last a few months to half a year.

Some people may not be ideal candidates for Nefertiti lift. These include those:

  • who are pregnant or breast feeding.
  • diagnosed with or who have a family history of certain health conditions like myasthenia gravis or Eaton-Lambert syndrome or have an infection.
  • taking any medications or drugs that aren’t compatible with botulinum toxin
  • with certain psychological condition.

There are some side effects of the Nefertiti lift, similar to other cosmetic procedures involving botulinum toxin. These include bruising or redness at the injection site, headache, difficulty swallowing and weakness in the neck.

A 2007 study found that the Nefertiti lift was an effective, minimally invasive alternative for those wanting to push back or eliminate more invasive cosmetic procedures.

Exilis Ultra: Dual modality body shaping device



Exilis ultra 360 is an FDA-cleared non-invasive device that delivers radiofrequency and ultrasound to disrupt localized fat and smooth overlying tissue.

Uneven skin appearance is caused by the loss of collagen due to natural aging process. Heat energy disrupts old collagen fibers and initiates the process of new collagen formation. It helps to tighten and tone multiple areas from head to toe.

Exilis is a painless treatment with no downtime! There is no need of any topical numbing agent. The device can be used on the face to improve laxity around the eyes. It can improve jowling and laxity in the neck and decolletage. It is used most frequently to reduce the circumference of the abdomen, flanks, cellulite reduction, and skin tightening/toning.

Early ultrasound devices were extremely painful but Exilis ultra is not painful. The feeling is similar to a hot stone massage. Results can be seen instantly in most clients following the first treatment, but optimal results are typically seen following a series of 3-6 treatments, spaced one week apart. The results will typically continue to improve over the next few months. BTL Exilis ultra is ideal for anyone looking for preventative maintenance or more dramatic cosmetic improvement.

Dark circles and hollowness under the eyes

Dark circles can occur due to shadows created from volume loss (from changes in eyelid skin, subcutaneous fat, deep fat & bony eye socket) and skin pigmentation (which can be hereditary, vascular, post inflammatory or mixed).

Tear trough fillers visibly improve the darkness arising from the shadows of volume loss, however skin pigmentation of ethnic dark circles stays and is very difficult to correct completetly.  With proper skin care pigmentation can resolve slowly.

We love to use Restylane, RHA 2 dermal filler and Belotero balance for this delicate area of the eye. Under-correction is in this area is better than over-correction so the results look more natural.

Protecting the eyes with

good SPF and treating the pigmentation with topical eye serums like Alastin A-luminate can gradually improve the dark circles in 6-12 months.

One of the commonest reasons patients request to see us is to have “tear trough fillers” to look “fresher” or “less tired”

PRF or platelet rich fibrin is another injectable treatment to improve dark circles and build collagen naturally in that area. PRF contains platelets, white blood cells, fibrin and stem cells. Platelets excrete growth factors slowly that increase the collagen production, tighten skin and rejuvenate texture of the skin.

We recommend 2-3 sessions spaced 3-4 months apart.

What is indirect treatment of the tear trough? By your mid-30s the anterior cheek starts to deflate, which makes the lower eyelid appear hollow, as it drops into the cheek. Subtle mid-face volume restoration improves the sunken appearance of the eyes!

At Brandywine med spa we like to incorporate combination treatments. Our multi-modal approach using energy based treatments (Vivace and Exilis) along with injectables are ideal for patients who do not want to undergo a face lift and are seeking natural visible results, with minimal downtime..

Vivace is the newest generation of radio frequency microneedling that stimulates the natural production of collagen and is shown to be effective in alleviating facial wrinkles, fine lines, and tightening and toning the area.

We combine the treatment with the newest breakthrough in numbing cream, treatment serum and recovery care to create an optimal patient experience.

Exilis Ultra delivers radiofrequency and ultrasound energy to precisely target, tighten and tone the skin.

Everyone is different, but the collagen you make is your own and continues accelerated production over three months. Most patients undergo 2 to 4 treatments of Exilis, scheduled 7 to 10 days apart. It takes about 15-30 minutes to do the procedure.

Both these treatments have minimal to no downtime. Most people go out within hours after the treatment with no make up at all.

The combination of a dermal filler to improve hollowness under the eyes along with some skin tightening treatments helps to rejuvenate this area.

Vivace Radiofréquency Microneedling

Vivace Radiofrequency (RF) is a minimally-invasive, FDA-cleared treatment that stimulates the natural production of collagen. Vivace RF treatment is a step up from traditional Microneedling treatment. Vivace allows for a more accurate needle insertion for highly customized treatment. It is an ideal treatment for tightening and firming the skin and to improve debilitating acne scars and stretch marks.


One of our favorite treatments with this device is non-surgical eyelid lifting and tightening. It also helps to improve eye bags and skin laxity underneath the eye area. The red LED light stimulates collagen and blue LED light is used in patients suffering from acne to kill bacteria and it also improves acne scars.

The Vivace RF Mironeedling device was built to improve contouring and tightening for the face, neck, hands and body.

The Vivace device features gold plated steel micro-pins that are able to penetrate deeper into the skin for even better results than traditional microneedling. These longer needles allow the RF energy to be administered at different depths, depending on your specific needs. The RF energy heats up the underlying tissue to kick-start collagen production. The results are amazing with minimal downtime.

The actual treatment session takes less than an hour and most patients report little to no pain. A compounded topical numbing cream is applied to the face prior to the procedure. After the procedure is done, PRP (Platelet rich plasma) that is derived from your own blood can be applied topically as well. PRP contains growth factors which can help to reduce wrinkles, plump up sagging skin, improve complexion and minimize acne scarring.

Vivace produces microchannels in the skin that allows to fully absorb healing serums. These channels stay open for few hours so we ask that you avoid make-up as well strenuous activity, swimming, and steam rooms/saunas during this time. After this time frame you’re good to go!

We recommend a series of three treatments spaced four to six weeks apart for the best possible results.

PDO thread lift

Maintaining the integrity of your skin at an early age can be done with just a few threads.

MINT™ PDO are barb threads that reposition sagging tissue for a refreshed and contoured appearance. This minimally invasive treatment can be repeated as desired to delay the aging process and maintain your skin’s youth for a longer period of time.
Areas that can be treated with PDO threads include nasolabial folds, glabellar wrinkles, neck and forehead wrinkles, jowls and jawline.

The procedure takes about 30-45 minutes and its done in comfort of our office in Kennett Square under local anaesthesia. The results are seen immediately and last for several months.

Your face will be cleansed and and lidocaine will be injected to help with any discomfort. Once you’r numb, a small access hole will be made at the entry point to create the “tunnel” for the threading. After that is done a long, thin cannula that houses the lifting thread will use that entry point to go under the skin so that the thread is placed correctly. The cannula is then pulled out, which leaves the thread in place to engage the tissue.

This procedure results in a much more contoured appearance to the treated area and it will stimulate collagen production in the next several months.

The skin looks tighter and more youthful-looking. Because the threads are biodegradable, they dissolve within a few months. However, the collagen network maintains for several months.

Non-surgical nose job


Non-surgical rhinoplasty also known as a non-surgical nose job, liquid rhinoplasty, a liquid nose job, or nose filler offers a more convenient and less expensive alternative to traditional rhinoplasty. For those who have imperfections of the nose such as a bump or drooping tip, dermal fillers can

be used to temporarily correct them, achieving a more balanced appearance to the face.


  • Crooked nose
  • Bump on the nasal bridge
  • Low nasal bridge
  • Drooping nasal tip
  •   Pinched nasal tip

Non-surgical nose job is performed quickly and conveniently at Brandywine Med Spa in Kennett Square. Only topical anesthesia is needed to keep you comfortable during the injections. Before the treatment your skin will be cleansed, and once you’re ready, a dermal filler is injected into target areas on and around your nose to achieve the appearance you want. Although you may feel some slight pressure during the injections, it won’t hurt.

There is no downtime with this procedure and most patients can go back to work same day. There can be mild bruising or swelling after the procedure that usually resolves in 1-3 days

It takes about 30 min to do the procedure. The results can last 8-15 months depending on the selection of filler. During your consultation process we discuss the various types of fillers, their cost and how long you can expect your results to last.