Hair loss can have a devastating effect on both men and women’s emotional well-being. Hair loss is directly linked to genetics, but other factors like diet, stress, illness and aging can lead to the problem. Rather than living with the effects, you can consider the available options to restoring your hair and looking healthy again.

PRP Treatment for Hair Loss

PRP is natural and it works! Platelet-rich plasma is blood plasma which contains 3-5 times more platelets that you would find in normal circulatory blood. When injected, it has the power to accelerate hair growth and treat hair loss.

PRP works for both hair loss and increase hair thickness. You don’t have to be losing your hair to benefit from PRP Therapy. The treatment stimulates hair cells without the nasty chemicals.

PRP works for both men and women. Hair loss has long been referred to as a man’s problem. Currently 21 million women suffer from hair loss or thinning hair at some point in their lives. Women do ten to respond better and faster to PRP than men.

Hair loss is a physical and emotional problem. Hair loss can lead to low self-esteem and can dampen your social life. Many PRP patients can look forward to seeing their confidence restored and feeling attractive again.


With just 2-3 PRP Treatments a year, you will start seeing great results.