Non-surgical rhinoplasty also known as a non-surgical nose job, liquid rhinoplasty, a liquid nose job, or nose filler offers a more convenient and less expensive alternative to traditional rhinoplasty. For those who have imperfections of the nose such as a bump or drooping tip, dermal fillers can

be used to temporarily correct them, achieving a more balanced appearance to the face.


  •   Crooked nose
  •   Bump on the nasal bridge
  •   Low nasal bridge
  •   Drooping nasal tip
  •   Pinched nasal tip

Non-surgical nose job is performed quickly and conveniently at Brandywine Med Spa in Kennett Square. Only topical anesthesia is needed to keep you comfortable during the injections. Before the treatment your skin will be cleansed, and once you’re ready, a dermal filler is injected into target areas on and around your nose to achieve the appearance you want. Although you may feel some slight pressure during the injections, it won’t hurt.

There is no downtime with this procedure and most patients can go back to work same day. There can be mild bruising or swelling after the procedure that usually resolves in 1-3 days

It takes about 30 min to do the procedure. The results can last 8-15 months depending on the selection of filler. During your consultation process we discuss the various types of fillers, their cost and how long you can expect your results to last.

TEAR TROUGH FILLERS ( Under eye fillers)

  • Dark circles can occur due to shadows created from volume loss (from changes in eyelid skin, subcutaneous fat, deep fat & bony eye socket) and skin pigmentation (which can be hereditary, vascular, post inflammatory or mixed).

Tear trough fillers visibly improve the darkness arising from the shadows of volume loss, however skin pigmentation of ethnic dark circles stays and is very difficult to correct completetly.

We love to use Restylane, RHA 2 dermal filler and Belotero balance for this delicate area of the eye. Under-correction is in this area is better than over-correction so the results look more natural.

One of the commonest reasons patients request to see us is to have “tear trough fillers” to look “fresher” or “less tired”

Subtle mid-face volume restoration also improves the sunken appearance of the eyes!

The combination of a dermal filler along with some skin tightening treatments helps to rejuvenate this area. Our multi modal approach using energy based treatments ( Vivace or Exilis) and injectables is ideal for patients who do not want to undergo a face lift and are seeking natural visible results, with minimal downtime.

Artistic facial transformation

A pan – facial approach is important in achieving naturally refreshed & balanced results

At Brandywine med spa we utilize our clinical skills and extensive knowledge of facial anatomy to focus on holistic full facial approach as oppose to individual areas of treatment.

Full facial transformation of a male face will define masculine contours.

For our female clients, the focus is to beautify the antero-diagonal contours, an older face to structurally rejuvenate and a profile view to achieve harmonisation.

At Brandywine medspa we offer three signature packages for artistic facial transformation.

  1. Artistic BEAUTIFICATION transformation package
    Suitable for younger clients looking to enhance their features. Cheeks contouring with or without a lip filler 2-4 ml (Starts at $1,200 dollars and up)
  2. Artistic REJUVENATION package:
    Suitable for clients who have lost volume as a part of maturity process. Tear trough filller, Mid-face, naolabial- fold and marionette chin area with or without a lip filler. 3-7 ml ( Starts at 1$,500 dollars)
  3. Dr. Q’s FIX ME UP package:
    Profile balancing focussing on nose with liquid rhinoplasty, chin and mandibular angle, cheek augmentation and lip plumpness. (Approx 5-10 mls may be needed) Price will be discussed as a customized package at time of complimentary consultation.

Liquid Rhinoplasty