Emsculpt Neo

Emsculpt Neo is a non-invasive technology that simultaneously uses radiofrequency and HIFEM+ energies to eliminate fat and build muscle.

This non-surgical, no downtime, FDA approved procedure sculpts and defines select muscle region creating tighter abs and firmer buttocks.

On the abdominal wall the treatment improves muscle definition that you are already seeing from your fitness routine and addresses that stubborn inch of fat on your stomach that just won’t go away.

With the push of a button on the machine you are able to get 20,000 push-ups in just 30 minutes.

On buttocks, Emsculpt technology delivers the worlds first non-invasive butt lift procedure, giving the tone, lift and curvature that squats alone cannot achieve.
We are the only medspa in the area with this new technology to tackle fat and build muscle at the same time

The brand-new Emsculpt Neo EDGE applicators are designed specifically to minimize fat and build muscle on the lateral abdomen. You can say good bye to the pesky love handles forever! Read this review!

As the go-to provider for Emsculpt Neo in Chester County, Brandywine Med Spa can’t wait  to share this new treatment. During the consultation, you’ll discover if this treatment is right for you, and why Emsculpt Neo is the best body shaping technology in the world.